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That's our company story:

Culture of fish consumption in our country in recent years began to take on new meaning. We are more often seen making very conscious choices about nutrition, in which fish products are beginning to play a dominant role. On our endless journey of culinary trends are the basis for such business as ours.

We are a trading company, whose fundamental aim is to satisfy even the most sophisticated requirements of the fish products. For this purpose we work with suppliers from around the world, whose primary goal is quality of offered products. Also, as consumers want to make sure that the product meets stringent quality criteria, and at the same time maintains its great taste and provides micronutrients. Therefore, our work largely focuses on the frequent visits of suppliers who are involved in direct fishing and fish processing. Among them are the subjects involved in the production of fish, both marine and freshwater.

We try to make all our products reach the customer in the shortest possible time. For this purpose we cooperate with specialized transport companies whose market position ensures timely delivery and appropriate storage conditions of the goods. In addition, we have a network of refrigerated warehouses, which localization gives the customer selection of the optimum solution according to the place of his business.

We encourage everyone to start cooperation with our company, whose openness to the needs and expertise in action in addition to product quality will be unquestionable added value.